Compact Modern Cat Tree With No Carpet

This compact modern cat tree with no carpet is the epitome of modern pet furniture. It should be on the radar of every style conscious cat owner because of it’s clean lines and contrasting dark…

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Best Cat Tree For Small Apartment Dwellers

What’s the best cat tree for small apartment dwellers? One that makes the most of limited space and will also enhance the decor of the room, of course. That’s exactly what you’ll find here. A…

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Cat Tree That Looks Like A Tree

A cat tree that looks like a tree is not an internet myth. Here are four really sweet options for you. Each one a conversation starter in its own right. Great fun for kitties and their human slaves.

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Discreet Litter Box Furniture Reviews

How many times have you wished you had discreet litter box furniture for your feline friends to use? I mean seriously, do cats hold it for days just waiting for you to have company so…

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Best Cat Tree Without Carpet Ideas

If you are looking for a cat tree without carpet your options have greatly expanded in the last few years. Now-a days, you can find cat trees in all shapes and sizes.  They range from…

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Cat Tree Plans In Space? Outta Control Cat Shelves!

  Ok, so maybe the cat tree plans aren’t actually interstellar. But cat shelves sure as hell are out of this world! Today I want to challenge you throw out all your preconceived notions about what cat…

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