12 Of The Best Eye-Catching Modern Cat Trees For Your Stylish Home

Being a proud cat parent, getting the best for them and finding actual modern cat trees that suit your sense of style and home décor isn’t always easy. Thankfully, more and more options are becoming available that won’t compromise the look of your house while also getting your kitty everything they need. Healthy cats, a … Read more

Modern Luxury Litter Box Furniture No One Will Guess Is For Your Cat

Modern luxury litter box furniture can help manage litter scattering, smell, and the general aesthetic. You no longer have to worry about having an ugly litter box out in your home.

If you are looking for a way to disguise your litter box, you might be looking for a piece of modern luxury litter box furniture. Something that you can set up, put your litter box in, and know that your cat will have a place to go. Someplace to go that will help contain the … Read more

Luxury Wool Flower Shaped Felted Cat Cave

A flower shaped felted cat cave can be so, so cute and look perfect in your house while being cozy enough for your cat to have a new favorite spot.

Finding just the right cat bed can be an adventure, but this wool flower shaped felted cat cave is a real treasure. Cat caves are wonderful all around for cats! As it provides them enough cover to feel safe and cozy, without the need for them to go hide under your bed. Let your inner … Read more

Clean And Sleek: A Round Geometric Modern Cat Bed

This round geometric modern cat bed is beautifully designed to look like it's floating, while being super cozy for your cat!

This sleek, delightfully round geometric modern cat bed is the perfect example of a cat bed that doesn’t have to be super poofy or overstuffed in order to be comfy for your cat. It has a nest-like comfort to it that lets your cat feel comfy and safe. Without looking like just another tube of … Read more