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Multi Level Carpeted Cat Tree Pagoda

Multi Level Carpeted Cat Tree Pagoda
One happy customer tells us that even her rambunctious 20 pound cat can’t tip this tree over! Click the image to read all the happy customer reviews ๐Ÿ™‚
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

Made right here in the USA with solid wood posts this multi level carpeted cat tree pagoda is sure to please anyone looking for a decorative AND functional cat tree for their large kitties.

This furniture is completely covered in super high quality household carpet. Even inside of the condo at the top of the unit is completely covered in this soft carpet.

The sisal that wraps the scratching post is NOT oiled. So you know it’s safe for your kitties.

Ships Fully Assembled!

One of our happy customers calls this her “Kitty Shrine” and tell us it’s not only a huge hit with her 6 cats but a real conversation starter when her friends come to visit.

The dish shaped platforms and the curved “Pagoda” roof make for great resting places for your feline friends.

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We love that this multi level carpeted cat tree pagoda is so well constructed that even folks who run cat rescues are buying them in bulk because they last so long. Add to that the fact it’s delivered right to your door and comes out of the box in one piece. What’s not to like?

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