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Welcome to Cool Cat Tree Plans! Because we are cat lovers, just like you, it’s our pleasure to help you find the perfect cat tree, condo, tower or wall/shelf system for you and your kitties. Each piece of beautifully crafted cat furniture we share with you is selected based on it’s ability to enrich your cats life and fit perfectly into your home.

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Modern round cat wall shelf with porthole from MyZoo is an amazing display and makes for great modern cat furniture shelves.
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Best Selling Cat Trees

You know cats need to scratch and climb. It’s just part of their nature. If you don’t provide an appropriate place for these activities, they will choose for themselves. Cat trees, like all cat furniture, gives your indoor cats a place of their own to do just that. A place to enjoy where they can safely get the exercise they need and sharpen their claws without destroying your drapes and furniture!

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Cat Trees That Look Like Trees? You betcha! Super cute cat tree with greenery. Cats LOVE IT!
A cat shelf step that can double as a cat shelf to lounge on. It's affordable and made from solid wood.

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We know you love your cats and want to give them the very best of everything. So, whether you’re looking for a carpet covered cat condo, a modern cat tower without carpet or an alternative to traditional cat furniture like cat shelves or litter box furniture, we’ll introduce you to great cat products and steer you clear of the not so wonderful ones.

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Cleopatra Cat Tree - Check out this elegant Cleopatra cat tree (also known as the Refined Lotus Cat Tower) It's super stylish with is S-curve design. Easy to clean and modern doesn't collect hair. How COOL is that?
An affordable DIY cardboard cat wall shelf.

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For those of you who want to build your own cat tree, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered too. You’ll find a host of DIY cat tree tutorials, plans to help you get them made and our thoughts on alternatives to carpet for your homemade cat trees. So, kick back with a cuppa your favorite yummy stuff and let us help you decide if building or buying a cat tower is right for you and your kitties.

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Cat shelves for window sills can be a great way to give your cat their coveted spot in the window without investing in a whole cat tree.

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