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We know that not all of you will be able to build your own cat tree even when you have a great set of cat tree plans.

So we're presenting you with this lovely selection of cat furniture so your feline friends don't have to go without.

Because we all know that our kitties are much happier and healthier when they are active both physically and mentally. 

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Cat Trees Free Shipping...

Price This Cat Tree
When shopping online shipping can make or break a deal.  This is especially true when shopping for cat trees.

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I mean, come on.  They're heavy, right? So we've put together a selection of very cool pet furniture here that comes with free shipping.

We've done our best to offer up a varied selection of different sizes, shapes and colors for you to choose from and yet keep the page small enough to load quickly.

So if you fall in love with something but it's just the wrong shade... be sure to click thru to see if your selection comes in more than one color.


Carpeted Cat Trees...

Price This Carpeted Cat Tree
Carpeted cat trees can be a godsend when you've got a cat who loves to scratch and climb.

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See All The Carpeted Cat Trees Here!

The carpet covering is durable, much more so than the plush that covers a lot of cat furniture these days.  Not that other coverings aren't desirable in other instances.

But if your cat is a SCRATCHER!  You want carpet on your cat tree, plain and simple.

And because carpet comes in so many colors you can coordinate your cat tree with any decor easily.

From short ones that will fit in a tiny nook to uber tall floor to ceiling models.  Carpeted cat trees are sure to please.


Cat Trees That Look Like Trees...

Cat Trees That Look Like Trees
They call them trees right?  But do they look like them?  Not usually.

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See Cat Trees That Look Like Trees Here!

Well we've got a lovely selection of cat trees that look like trees lined up to inspire you.

Rustic cat trees, mushroom cat trees even sunflower shaped cat trees!

Talk about a literal kitty jungle gym!  Romping on and peeking thru the leaves on this kind of pet furniture is sure to bring out the "wild side" of your kitty.


Wood Cat Trees...

Wood Cat Trees
You can't match the elegance of wood cat trees like this lotus cat tower here.

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See All The Wood Cat Trees Here!

Yes, you can have style and a happy cat too!

Modern, wood cat trees, like this lotus cat there here.... will make a bold statement in your home while keeping your kitties healthy and in great shape.

Other wood cat tree options include solid cedar as featured on the Martha Stewart Show.  Very eco friendly and kitty safe.

Other wooden cat condos we are proud to offer have solid wood bases and a carpet or plush covering that can be replaced (eventually).  Much less expensive than replacing the whole tree.


Cat Climbing Trees...

Cat Climbing Trees
Some cats are loungers and others are rompers.

If your cat is the latter than you'll be wanting to see our selection of cat climbing trees.

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See All The Cat Climbing Trees Here!

Selected with the needs of your busy kitty in mind.  Every piece of this cat furniture is tall, stable and made for climbing.

You'll spend many happy hours watching your kitties play hide'n seek on the many levels and in the divers kind of cubbies and hidy-holes you'll find on these towers.


Tall Cat Trees...

Tall Cat Trees
Are you looking for tall cat trees?  Sometimes that means floor to ceiling and sometimes something a little less.

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See All The Tall Cat Trees Here!

We know that when you want tall cat furniture you want it to reach for the sky so your kitty can climb to their hearts content.

AND you want it to be stable so it's not tipping over, hurting your cat or damaging your stuff.  Every one of ours fits the bill.

From sky scraper models like this one here with a kitty condo on the top to slim poles with platforms for resting.  There's even an over the door model for folks with limited space or those just wanting yet another place for their cats to climb.


Outdoor Cat Tree...

Price This Outdoor Cat Tree
Do you have an indoor cat that would love to play outside safely?

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See All The Outdoor Cat Trees Here!

If so this outdoor cat tree enclosure is just the thing.

It lets your kitty romp and play in the great outdoors without getting lost or being in any danger from wild animals or strays.

Lots of folks also have outdoor cats they'd like to provide shelter and safe fun for.  We've got what you're looking for in that department too.

Cat houses that provide shelter and entertainment as well as some VERY DURABLE solid wood towers to provide lounging, climbing and hiding places for your outdoor cats.


Large Cat Tree...

Price This Large Cat Tree Here
If you're looking for a large cat tree look no farther.

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See All The Large Cat Trees Here!

We have an extensive selection of large cat furniture for you.

No matter if you are looking for a cat trees for large cats who need extra space and stability or just an enormous unit, we're sure you'll find "just the thing" here.

Also, keep in mind that it's very possible to get multiple units and "connect" them or place them in such a way as to create virtual cat playground if you so desire.

This is something we see a lot with folks who purchase these plans. Because they learn the proper way to go about things they are free to "Get Fancy".   

They start off building one smallish cat tower.  Then when they see how easy it was to build and how much fun their cats have playing on it.  Well... let's just say that some folks just kinda go nuts and create some of the most fantastic and elaborate cat mazes you could ever imagine!


Sisal Cat Tree...

Over Door Sisal Cat Tree
Perhaps the quintessential piece of cat furniture is the sisal cat tree.

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See All The Sisal Cat Trees Here!

It is what springs to mind most often when you mention you need a cat scratcher, post or tower.

Combining the best of all worlds, a sisal cat tree gives your kitties room to romp and play as well as sharpen their claws.

And best of all, it's easy to replace the sisal when needed instead of buying a whole new tree!  


Cat Trees And Condos...

Cat Trees And Condos
Combination cat trees and condos are some of the most popular and versatile cat furniture on the market today.

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See All The Cat Trees And Condos Here!

By combining the climbing and romping fun of a cat tree with the cozy cuddle spots of a cat condo you give your feline friends the best of everything.

You'll enjoy watching them play and your heart will melt when you see them curled up and sleeping in one of there hammocks or hidey-holes.

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