Cat Tree Furniture With Leaves

If you are looking for a cat tree furniture with leaves have we got a something amazing for you here!  Quite frankly, this is the coolest cat tree with leaves we have found to date!  Tall enough without being monstrous, this will fit in most any room.

The wood frame is solid and sturdy. As sound as if you made it yourself!  Each platform is covered in professionally bound brown carpet.  The brown blends in giving the look of a tree branch and gives your kitties good traction while climbing and a comfy place to snooze.  Not to mention something to sharpen their claws on OTHER THAN YOUR SOFA!

The Catreesort Artificial Tree with Leaves comes in four sections for easy assembly.  It is approximately 5 feet tall and you can get it with a round or square base.  Which is covered in green carpet mimicking the forest floor.

Here's what folks who already took the plunge and bought one are saying...

"Best cat tree ever!  Big hit! My cats were stalking each other through the leaves even before I assembled the tree. Assembly was super easy, and the quality was the best. The tree is very attractive and looks good in my living room. The cats are on it all the time, playing "jungle." This tree is definitely worth the money, don't hesitate!" ~ Raven E. Asher "Nurseraven09"

"My Kitties Are Now Happy Tree Dwellers!!!  I love my tree and so do my kitties!!! Initially, I was a bit apprehensive about ordering this tree, but after some reassurances from the seller, I'm glad I went ahead and bought it. 

It was relatively easy to put together. The adjustable knobs on the base are very helpful in getting a good balance to the tree. 

I live near a heavily wooded area, so I have the tree situated at the best viewing area in the house. With the heavy foliage, my kitties can camouflage themselves in the tree and watch the deer, squirrels, birds, rabbits, i.e., while they do their thing without spooking them. 

I've wanted a tree for years, but the cost of trees with the real-like leaves have been very expensive, running close to a thousand dollars and more. 

Needless to say, I am very, very pleased with the price and quality of my purchase...and so are my kitties. Thank You!!!" ~ Dee

Something else you should know about this cat tree is the carpet on the perches/branches is removable for easy cleaning or replacing should your cat's show it so much love it begins looking shabby LOL.  And those perches swivel so you can get them just right for your cats and your room.

Also, this cat tree furniture with leaves is made right here in the good ol'USA!

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