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Often times a sisal cat tree is the first thing that springs to mind when you decide you want something for your cats to climb on.

You know your kitties need exercise to stay healthy.  And climbing on a cat tree is the perfect thing to keep them stimulated, in great shape and out of the vets office!

They also need to scratch on something and if you don't give them something appropriate they'll select something for themselves.  When this happens it's rarely something you want them to be scratching on.

Let's Face it, there are lots of advantages to making or buying a sisal cat tree. 
  • Sisal rope is readily available and inexpensive.
  • It's easy to wrap around a fence post or tree branch.
  • Cats love to scratch on it.
  • You can make it conform to most any shape
  • Super easy to replace when it gets worn.
If you're not sure what sisal rope is take a quick peek at it over here at Amazon.  You can order it online very cheaply and can also usually find it at your local hardware store.

Also, it's something we see on cat furniture all the time and no one wants to reinvent the wheel when they don't have to.  Sisal rope is much easier to work with than carpet, too.

Not that carpet is difficult to work with when you have a guide… but who wants to work harder than they need to, right?

Cat Tree Building Tip...  When first putting on or replacing the sisal rope be sure it's pulled VERY TIGHT as it stretches a little over time.  I also suggest gluing as you go (I used hot glue because it cures quickly and is non toxic).

One drawback to a sisal cat tree is that as the cats scratch on the rope it disintegrates a slowly and can leave the little shredded bits on the floor at the base.  This is very easy to vacuum up but you should be aware this while deciding what is the best kind of cat furniture for you and your pets.

Whether you plan to simply cover a tree branch in sisal rope or build an elaborate carpeted cat tree with adding some sisal wrappings to the support posts, this versatile material is a winner for your diy project.

We offer the following sisal rope cat trees for your consideration…

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