Cat Room Ideas Every "Crazy Cat Lady" Wants To Get Her Hands On

We have found the most outrageous cat room ideas for you to drool over!  Who can resist these bright and colorful sleeping cubbies made from everything including the kitchen sink?  And just take a peek at the rainbow stairs folks have made for their kitties, arching up the wall giving their feline friends access to a veritable playground in the sky.

Let's just say these cat rooms will spark ideas for crazy cat homes of all sizes, be they enormous mansions, small houses or tiny apartments.  The diy ideas here can easily enhance the decor of any living spaces we mere humans occupy.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Review

Are you looking for a "Go Pet Club Cat Tree"?  If so, you are like the millions of others who have figured out that these cat trees are a GREAT value for the price.  In fact, I never thought I'd be recommending or selling any ready-made cat trees from this site when I started it.  The quality ones I could feel good about promoting were so expensive it was silly and the rest were just junk.

But now, thanks to Go Pet club, you can get an inexpensive, good quality cat tree sent right to your door.  And with free shipping to boot!  I honestly only recommend folks make their own cat tree these days when they have special requirements, want an artistic cat tree (those are still very expensive) or just plain like making stuff like this.

So sit back and grab a cuppa your favorite sippin stuff and take a look at these amazing cat trees.

Cat Trees... Carpet Covered Works Of Art?

Seriously, cat trees are carpet covered works of art if done right.   And the carpet covered cat towers usually are the most well-made and the sturdiest of all the cat furniture out there.  Let's face it we use carpet for these because it's very durable, comes in a bajillion different colors and textures and is still a fabric so it can be wrapped around stuff like posts, platforms and tubes.

This lets true artists have free reign and create some truly stunning art for your kitty to zip around on.  Your cats will enjoy it for years and years while YOU get to have a stunning conversation piece in your home.  Just take a look at these…

Discreet Litter Box Furniture Reviews

How many times have you wished you had discreet cat litter box furniture for your feline friends to use?  I mean seriously, do cats hold it for days just waiting for you to have company so they can scratch'n scratch, fling litter and smell up the house in the middle of your dinner party?  I think mind do!

"But Shelly, MY litter box is tucked away under the coffee table.  It's out of sight and no one notices it."

Best Cat Tree Without Carpet Ideas

If you are looking for a cat tree without carpet your options have greatly expanded in the last few years.  Nowa days, you can find cat trees in all shapes and sizes.  They range from bare wood to those covered in an assortment of very sturdy fabrics or cushions.  This broadens your range of colors and patterns as well as making it easier to replace the coverings when they become worn.  Some folks tell me they are easier to clean as well for sure the bare wood ones are.  So to help you in your search we humbly offer up these cat trees without carpet.

Cat Tree Furniture With Leaves

Cat Tree Furniture With Leaves: A Realistic Cat Tree To Enhance Your Home Decor.

If you are looking for a cat tree furniture with leaves have we got a something amazing for you here!  Quite frankly, this is the coolest cat tree with leaves we have found to date!  Tall enough without being monstrous, this will fit in most any room.

The wood frame is solid and sturdy. As sound as if you made it yourself!  Each platform is covered in professionally bound brown carpet.  The brown blends in giving the look of a tree branch and gives your kitties good traction while climbing and a comfy place to snooze.  Not to mention something to sharpen their claws on OTHER THAN YOUR SOFA!

Cat Trees, Carpet And Thinking Outside The Box

Brand new plush or shag carpet aren't the only options for building cat trees.  In fact, you don't have to use carpet at all if you don't want to.

It always surprises me that folks don't think outside the box more when they opt to build their own cat furniture.

I mean, that's the beauty of doing it yourself, right?  YOU are in total control of design and materials.

If you want the most expensive purple shag then blingtastic purple shag it is.  If you want to build a cat tree house like this one here for both your cats and your kids to play in, you can!

Let me be crystal clear.  You don't have to cover your cat furniture in carpet.

BUT if you like carpet but would rather keep costs low there are tons of options to do that as well.

First, you can NOT BE IN A HURRY!

If you take your time and snoop around you probably can still build a cat tree doll house like this one.  In full neon blue and pink premium carpet for WAY CHEAP or even FREE!

But you have to scope out your options first.  You see, many carpet sellers/installation companies toss out carpet scraps that would suit your needs perfectly.  If you ask them nicely often times they will sell to you dirt cheap or even give you what to them are just the unsellable scraps left over from a job.

Now if you want specific colors, you may have to wait a while and keep checking with them or with many different companies.

But if you are not choosy about color or style, you can probably find enough such carpet to suit your needs on just about any given day of the week.

But this isn't the only source of cheap or low cost carpet to build your cat trees with.

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