5 Wooden Cat Trees No Carpet – Easy To Clean!

Wooden Cat Trees No Carpet - Want an easy to clean bare wood cat tree that doesn't collect hair? We LOVE these 5 including Armarkat Solid Wood Cat Tree & the Cleopatra Cat Tree. Each is a GREAT wood cat tree no carpet!

Wooden cat trees no carpet – No Problem! These five cat trees prove that you don’t need carpet on your cat tower for it to be both functional and attractive. BONUS: They are super easy to clean too!

I have to admit there was a time when I thought you really couldn’t build a cool cat tree without carpet. What would your cats use to scratch and climb? I have never been so happy to be wrong in my life!

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The five cat trees I’ve selected to highlight for you today are all super stylish, highly functional, easy to clean and (design-wise) very different from one another. They range from the ultra modern to the rather traditional in terms of their appearance.

Each and every one of them steps up and proves, in their own way, that a cat tree without carpet is a thing of both function and beauty.

Wood Cat Tree No Carpet

Wooden Cat Trees No Carpet - I just LOVE this wood cat tree with no carpet to collect pet hair - Removable Pads - Gorgeous!
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

Wood Cat Tree No Carpet – This beauty proves you don’t need carpet even on a traditionally configured cat tree for it to work beautifully. Because of the offset platforms and sisal wrapped support posts your cats will have no trouble at all climbing up and down this cat furniture.

No Need To Anchor To Your Wall!

Notice that all the platforms are covered with super comfy wool pads that are removable for easy washing. Just pull them off and toss them into your washer.

To clean the rest of this cat tree just give it a wipe down with a damp cloth. Or use a little baking soda and vinegar in the water to remove any stubborn grime or smells. Easy Peasy, right?

Even though this unit is 68 inches tall it stands sturdy all by itself.

According to a lady who purchased one of these for the shelter where she volunteers it stands up to multiple cats antics just fine and does not need to be attached to a wall.

Bare Wood Cat Tree

Wooden Cat Trees No Carpet - Super cute modern cat tower without any carpet or plush. Hypoallergenic. Love It!
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

This bare wood cat tree is a delightful example of modern cat furniture without carpet. Just look at those sleek lines and interesting curves. It’s as much modern sculpture as it is cat tree.

All four of the platforms are offset so your kitty can move up and down with ease. Each shelf is covered with a detachable pad. This ensures a good grip for your kitties and makes for some super comfy slounging!

Unfinished Wood! Beautiful As Is OR Stain/Paint To Match Your Home Decor!

The built in food dish holder adds another level of function to this cat tree. It keeps your kitty from batting the dishes around. Maybe your cats never do this but ours seemed to have a passion for scattering their food all over the place!

Cleaning a bare wood cat tree like this one is super simple. Just toss the removable platform pads into the washer and wipe the tree itself down with a damp cloth. Poof! You’re Done!

Cat Tree That Doesn’t Collect Hair

Wooden Cat Trees No Carpet - Love this modern cat tree that doesn't collect hair. And it's easy to wipe clean and doesn't absorb odors! GREAT!
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

Think that a cat tree that doesn’t collect hair is a pipe dream? Think again! This stylish and sturdy “new age” cat tree doesn’t have a single space that hangs onto your kitties fur.

Even the platform pads (which are detachable, washable and super comfy) are easy to wipe cat hair off of. Just put a latex glove on and give them a swipe of your hand or use a damp sponge and any hair that happens to settle there will just roll right off.

Stands On It’s Own OR Is Easily Anchored To Your Wall For Extra Stability!

This unit ticks all the boxes. It has two condos or cubbies for naps and “sneaky kitty” fun. Two cushioned platforms for hanging out and surveying his kitty kingdom. And a tall scratching pad to keep nails sharp and OFF YOUR FURNITURE!

The unique appearance and complete lack of negative reviews really made me decide to include this cat tree in this “Wooden Cat Trees No Carpet” collection. I really like breaking out of the box, so to speak, and finding unique cat trees for your consideration.

Armarkat Solid Wood Cat Tree

Wooden Cat Trees No Carpet - Super Cool Armarkat solid wood cat tree. All pine, no particle board here! LOVE the cat hammock up top!
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

This Armarkat solid wood cat tree is 89 inches tall! I’m pretty sure this is the tallest cat tree I’ve seen outside the floor-to-ceiling models. And for all that height it still has a very slim profile.

It has NINE levels for your kitty to explore and enjoy. Including a cat hammock and condo way up top where your little lion can hangout and survey his kingdom. Fun, right?

89 Inches Tall.
EASY Assembly. Takes 20 min or LESS!

The wood this used to make this cat furniture is solid “Pinus Sylvestris” or Scotts Pine. Even in the picture above you can see the wood grain. And all the posts are completely wrapped in sisal. That insures your cats can climb and scratch to their hearts content.

Because it’s so tall, Armarkat has made the base of this cat tower double thick for added stability. This seems to work out pretty well because we haven’t had any reports of it tipping over.

That said, we have had folks tell us that it “wobbled” when their large cats “got crazy” on it. So we recommend you do what she did and place a heavy rock (like a patio paver), unused barbell weight or kettle bell on the bottom. Problem solved!

Including it in this collection of “Wooden Cat Trees No Carpet” was a no brainer because Armarkat is known for its high quality standards and great customer service.

Cleopatra Cat Tree The Classic
Wooden Cat Trees No Carpet

Wooden Cat Trees No Carpet - Elegant Cleopatra cat tree otherwise known as the Refined Lotus Cat Tower is ultra modern doesn't collect hair. Fabulous!
grey and black cat tree with tunnel

What collection of “Wooden Cat Trees No Carpet” would be complete without the Cleopatra Cat Tree? Also known as the “Refined Lotus” it is the original cat tree without carpet.

Known for it’s elegance and unique S-curve design this modern cat tree really is the standard by which other pet furniture is judged.

The Standard By Which Modern Cat Trees Are Measured!

Honestly, it’s not unusual for folks to tell us that guests to their home mistake this cat tree for “modern art” and wonder why they placed their new sculpture in front of the patio doors!

It comes in three different wood stains (Espresso, Mahogany and Smoke) so you can easily select the style that best compliments your home decor.

All the platform pads and cubby cushion are fully removable and washable for easy cleaning or replacement when they become worn. The same goes for the sisal scratching pad. Well, you don’t want to toss that in the washer but you can easily replace it when needed.

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Now that you’ve had a chance to take a good long look at these stylish and easy to clean cat towers we hope you’ll agree with us when we say “Wooden Cat Trees No Carpet” NO PROBLEM!

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