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Viraltag: Why I Kicked Tailwind To The Curb!

Viraltag: Why I Kicked Tailwind To The Curb

Viraltag more than doubled our daily Pinterest traffic by the end of the two week free trial. Do we have your attention now? Good. Let us tell you a little story…

Hopefully you can learn from our mistakes, go with the right social media marketing tool and save yourself a lot of time and money. But first, for those of you who don’t know what Viraltag or Taliwnd are, a little explanation is in order.

Viraltag and Tailwind are both social sharing tools designed to make your life better by helping you source, create and schedule shares out to your social media accounts.

Tailwind is primarily a tool to help you with your Pinterest account but recently they have added some Instagram and Twitter support.

Viraltag on the other hand creates, sources, organizes, schedules and shares content for Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Tumbler.

Viraltag Lets You Share To 6 Social Platforms, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumbler, Instagram and Linkedin.
Viraltag Lets You Share To 6 Social Platforms, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumbler, Instagram and Linkedin.

Ok, back to our story…

Last year our social sharing and specifically our Pinterest sharing was killing us. It was taking more and more of our time and becoming less and less effective as time wore on. We tried spreadsheet after spreadsheet trying to get a pinning schedule set up that would keep us pinning consistently and help us stay on top of all the changes Pinterest is always rolling out.

At long last, we decided we needed a social sharing tool to help us get our Pinterest account under control. After a ton of research and chatting with folks we know who work online like we do we narrowed our choices down to Viraltag and Tailwind.

We auditioned both products but ultimately went with Tailwind for two reasons. First, at that time, the only social channel we wanted help with was Pinterest. And secondly, our business connections used it and had tutorials showing us marketing strategies featuring it.

Now, we are not here to bash Tailwind. It is a good tool and does what it says it will and is always rolling out new features. We used it successfully (more or less) for a full year. It has a few glitches, but what tool doesn’t? And support always handled issues in a timely fashion.

I can hear you thinking… “If it worked ok for yal, why did you switch to Viraltag?”


Tailwind will cost you $120 a year for each Pinterest account you want to manage and that’s just for scheduling pins. Every single additional function with Tailwind costs you more money. And not just a little more either.

Want to schedule out to Instagram? That’ll be an extra $10-$15 a month please. Same goes for Twitter or “Looping” your best performing pins. Don’t even get me started about that.

If you want to “loop” pins (what Viraltag calls “evergreen” content or post recycling) it’s extra. A LOT EXTRA. Like more than the yearly subscription kind of extra. Per Account!

All of this functionality just comes standard with Viraltag. And guess what. It works better too!

Yup, with Viraltag you can flag your best performing pins (or tweets or other social shares) and set them up to automatically be reshared at an interval you select. And using their new categories feature, you can really finetune where and when they get shared.

Viraltag makes hands off "resharing" of your best content to ANY or All of your social platforms.  (What Tailwind calls "Pin Looping")
Viraltag makes hands off “resharing” of your best content to ANY or All of your social platforms. (What Tailwind calls “Pin Looping”)

Ok, to make what is already a long story short, the catch with Tailwind is that all the “cool stuff” costs extra. It’s an à la carte system and gets EXPENSIVE FAST! By the time we got all the tools we needed to properly promote our business a $120 yearly investment ballooned into an $850 yearly investment. INSANE!

Now we know you need to spend money to make money. And tools are critical to the success of any project but at the same time Pinterest was making changes and our traffic from it was plummeting using the “Tailwind Tricks” we’d been taught.

At this point we decided to take a closer look at Viraltag. OMG are we glad we did. Turns out Viraltag does all the things that Tailwind did for us (and more) at one low price point.

  • Schedule shares to Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Tumbler.
  • Sort shares into categories for easy organization and posting.
  • Edit your images on the fly to make them the correct dimensions for each social site.
  • Pin or post “looping” for resharing great evergreen content.
  • Import RSS feeds for easy content curation.
  • Drag and drop reorganization of scheduled posts.
  • Shuffle a single day of posts in your queue.
  • Shuffle a whole week of posts in your queue.
  • Create content with Canva integrated right into your dashboard.
  • Set up “board lists” for easy pin distribution.
  • Google analytics integration for really USEFUL reports.
  • GREAT Customer Support!

With Viraltag you get all that functionality for one really reasonable price! (And I’m sure I’ve missed a few features but we’ll share them with you later).

At the time of this writing we’ve been with Viraltag for two full weeks (just finished the Free Trial). In that time we were able to get our Pinterest and Twitter accounts set up and posting both more efficiently and more effectively than we were able to do in the whole year we were obligated to stay with Tailwind (yup they only do 12 month subscriptions over there).

Viraltag lets you easily sort thru your scheduled posts by account, category or day.
Easily sort thru your scheduled posts by account, category or day.

AND we had several of our pins go viral which doubled views to our blog literally overnight!

With Viraltag  you can easily see how well your "Recent Shares" are doing in close to real time.
See how well your “Recent Shares” are doing in close to real time.

Now before you ask, it’s beyond the scope of this “intro to Viraltag” post to go into the details of how we set things up to make that happen. But don’t worry, we’ll share that with you in a future post real soon.

In fact, we plan to take you all on this journey with us. Through a series of posts over the next year we’ll share with you how we use Viraltag to drive targeted traffic to our site. What works and arguably more importantly what does not!

So, keep an eye out for our post series, “Exploding your traffic with Viraltag!” But for now if you want to know if we will continue using Viraltag?


And we strongly suggest you use it too. At least give it a spin with their Two Week Free Trial! You don’t even need a credit card so you have literally nothing to lose.

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