Cat Trees That Look Like Trees

Cat Trees That Look Like Trees? You betcha! Super cute cat tree with greenery. Cats LOVE IT!

Cat trees that look like trees are fun for your cats and a real conversation starter for guests to your home. Just imagine the fun you’ll have watching your kitties hiding among the leaves “stalking” birds out the window!

Whether you prefer your kitties to have an arboreal adventure covered in lifelike silk leaves or on durable sculpted carpet, the pet furniture here is sure to please them. And you too, for that matter.

You won’t find any ordinary cat trees someone slapped some ivy vines on and labeled “realistic”. We think that’s silly. You can do that at home with the cat towers you already have!

The cat trees we have found for you are made to actually look like trees. They are works of functional art and will make you the envy of all your cat loving friends.

Lifesize Realistic Cat Tree With Leaves

Cats LOVE this realistic cat tree. At 5 feet tall its easy for them to go nuts hiding in the leaves and “stalking” you and the birds outside the window. It’s carpeted platforms are easy to clean.

Lifelike Cat Tree And Wall System

This realistic cat tree spreads out to your walls! Yes, it’s both a cat tree and a cat shelve system all rolled into one lifelike cat playground for your little darlings. Can’t you just see them peering at you from the “canopy” beside the window?

Carpeted Cat Tree That Looks Like A Tree

This beautiful carpeted cat tree will be a stunning addition to your home. And because it’s made by “New Cat Condos” you know it’s QUALITY all wood construction will last for years and years. An economical work of art your cats will love and your friends will envy you for.

Sculpted Carpet Cat Tree That Looks Real

We love the rich, earthy colors of this realistic cat tree. Each tree is made to order and is slightly different so no two are exactly the same. The platforms have been tested to safely hold up to 100 pounds! So you know your precious kitties will be safe when they have fun on this unique cat tree!

Who says cat trees are boring or all look alike? Heck, we’ve even heard tell that cat trees that look like trees are hard to find or are entirely a myth. We sincerely hope that once you have one of these beauties in your home you’ll help us put that misconception to rest.

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