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Are you looking for a "Go Pet Club Cat Tree"?  If so, you are like the millions of others who have figured out that these cat trees are a GREAT value for the price.  In fact, I never thought I'd be recommending or selling any ready-made cat trees from this site when I started it.  The quality ones I could feel good about promoting were so expensive it was silly and the rest were just junk.

But now, thanks to Go Pet club, you can get an inexpensive, good quality cat tree sent right to your door.  And with free shipping to boot!  I honestly only recommend folks make their own cat tree these days when they have special requirements, want an artistic cat tree (those are still very expensive) or just plain like making stuff like this.

So sit back and grab a cuppa your favorite sippin stuff and take a look at these amazing cat trees.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Ideas...

Go Pet Club "High Loft" 72 inch Cat Tree

Let's get this party started with our all time best selling cat tree.  Yes, folks love this 72 inch beauty.  It comes in three different colors, brown (as shown), black and a combo colored cat tree with black platforms and brown cubbies!  That one is my personal favorite but my daughter thinks I'm nuts.  She loves the brown one LOL

This model is made from processed wood and is covered in faux plush that is soft for kitties yet easy to clean.  A nice thing about plus vs carpet is that it's much easier to replace if it becomes warn.  The posts are wrapped in natural sisal.  Assembly is VERY EASY using the included instructions and tools.  And did I mention the FREE SHIPPING?

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Beige Color
This is a best selling cat tree on Amazon and you'll see why once you take a close look at this beauty.  It's 51 inches tall and made to tuck nicely into a corner.  Though it should be noted you don't have to place it in a corner if you don't want to.  If you place this baby in front of a window your cats will love you forever.  And even though it's over 4 feet tall, because of how the platforms are placed, it won't block your view.

Go Pet Club 52" Cat Tree Beige Color
Slightly taller, measuring in at 52 inches this "Go Pet Club Cat Tree" features round platforms, two dangle toys and a square cubby with two entrances for hiding and snoozing in.  The front ladder/ramp is fully covered in the same plush faux fur as the rest of the cat tree and is excellent for climbing and stretching.  It has five (Yes 5) posts wrapped in natural sisal for lots of scratching fun.  Your kitties nails will always be in good shape with this beauty of a cat tree.  Assembly is easy with the instructions and tool provided.  Shipping is FREE!

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, Brown, F49

My favorite part of this "Go Pet Club Cat Tree" is the sisal wrapped ladder in the front.  I'm sure your cat won't need to it to climb up into the wedge shaped condo but it sure makes it cute!  In addition to the sisal wrappings on the three ladder rungs there are five sisal wrapped posts for your kitty to hone his nails to razor sharpness on.  This very sturdy cat tree can tucked into a corner and still give your kitty a clear view out of his condo.  The rich brown color looks elegant in your home and hides cat hair well.  Covered in plush faux fur, this too is vegan friendly and comes with FREE SHIPPING!

Go Pet Club Cat Tree F2031Go Pet Club Cat Tree F2031More Info...Go Pet Club 72Go Pet Club 72More Info...Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture, 74-Inch, Black/BrownGo Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture, 74-Inch, Black/BrownMore Info...

Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 62 inch High

With a condo, plush covered tube, hammock, sisal wrapped ladder and a sleeping bowl this is not only the tallest but the must feature packed "Go Pet Club Cat Tree" we are reviewing today.  It even has a dangly rope to drive your cats nuts LOL

With over a THOUSAND reviews and dozens of customer photos sent in this it is obvious that this cat tree is a winner with both cats and their human slaves.  Even 14-16 pound cats enjoy the top sleeping basket with no worries, so it's sturdy but as the condo is on the small side we recommend this particular piece of cat furniture for folks with small to medium cats.

Like all the other cat trees on this page, it's made out of processed wood, sisal and a lovely plush faux fur so it is VEGAN friendly.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 33-Inch by 22-Inch by 72-Inch, BlackGo Pet Club Cat Tree, 33-Inch by 22-Inch by 72-Inch, BlackMore Info...Go Pet Club Cat Tree,47.5-inch,BrownGo Pet Club Cat Tree,47.5-inch,BrownMore Info...Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 80-Inch, BeigeGo Pet Club Cat Tree, 80-Inch, BeigeMore Info...

Go Pet Club HUGE Cat Tree in Beige Color

This HUGE cat tree is made from compressed wood, faux fur and sisal rope.  It has many cat condos for hiding and napping.  The top pole is adjustable (92 inches to 106 inches) and can be anchored to the ceiling.  This cat tree for large cats works well for a single spoilt kitty or a house full of them.

Go Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, BeigeGo Pet Club Cat Tree, 50W x 26L x 72H, BeigeMore Info...Go Pet Club 62Go Pet Club 62More Info...Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture BeigeGo Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture BeigeMore Info...

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