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How many times have you wished you had discreet cat litter box furniture for your feline friends to use?  I mean seriously, do cats hold it for days just waiting for you to have company so they can scratch'n scratch, fling litter and smell up the house in the middle of your dinner party?  I think mind do!

"But Shelly, MY litter box is tucked away under the coffee table.  It's out of sight and no one notices it."

HA... News Flash!

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Multi-function Pet House
For those of you who think this, I assure you, you are mistaken.  Just take a look at those new Fabreze commercials.  You know, the ones where the home owner walks into the room and plunks down onto the sofa thinking everything smells just fine.  Then the neighbor comes to visit and they find out that the couch smells like one GIANT hairball?

Ok, so those are funny and we think they are extreme, but in all honesty they are not.  And even if you keep your litter box clean as a whistle and not smelly at all.  It's still an eye sore.  Trust me on this one… Mothers, and especially Mothers In Law, spot such things immediately.  No matter how unobtrusively they are "tucked" out of the way.

What's the answer to this litter box dilemma?

Well, I've always believed that the best defense is a good offence.  In other words if you can't hide it, FLAUNT IT!  Yes, make your litter box a conversation piece and put it right out in plain sight.  But for this plan to work not any old litter box will do.

No, what you need is a discreet litter box.  One that looks like a stylish bit of furniture in its own right.  That's the ticket to beating those wagging tongues at their own game.  With some lovely litter box furniture that fits in with your décor you'll have them singing your praises and telling everyone what a smart and stylish cat parent you are!  That sure beats the alternative doesn't it?

Discreet Cat Litter Box Furniture...

New Age Discreet Litter Box Furniture

New Age Pet Habitat 'n Home Cat Litter Loo
Made with a composite material called "Ecoflex" that doesn't absorb moisture at all.  This New Age Pet Habitat 'n Home Cat Litter Loo is super easy to clean just wipe it down with a damp cloth.  And most importantly this discreet cat litter box furniture won't suck up any urine smells if your kitty ever misses the litter. Another bonus is that the color goes all the way thru the material.  So any scratches are less likely to be seen.

Good Pet Stuff Plant Hidden Litter Box
By far the most unique design we've ever seen this discreet litter box furniture is made to look like a potted palm.  Made for LARGE cats or homes with more than one kitty (48"x19") it gives your fastidious felines plenty of room to get the job done.  Even one of our customers with a 20 lb Maine Coon tells us her kitty has more than enough room inside.

Made of polyproplyne it won't absorb moisture or hang onto any urine smells.  The top lifts off for easy cleaning.  Hidden under the "Palm Plant & Moss" is a filtered vent system help control dust and odor.

Designed to be an actual litter box instead of a litter box cover you can just pour your kitty litter right into the bottom, pop the top on and you're ready to go.  If you want a seperate removable litter pan we recommend this 3-Gallon Duraflex Plastic Utility Pan.  It fits perfectly inside.

Designer Cat Litter Box Enclosure

Designer Catbox Litter Box Enclosure
This elegantly discreet litter box furniture is made of high quality wood and stained in either espresso, black or white.  Inside there are two chambers, an foyer or entry room (which is a good place to put a cat litter mat to scrub the litter off your darlings paws) and a potty room.  This two room system makes this a dog proof litter box.  If you're dogs into "kitty tootsie rolls" like ours is I know you'll appreciate this feature.

Designed so you can put the opening on either the left or the right depending you where you want to place the box inside your home.  Just lift the lid for easy access to both rooms.

Note: because this litter furniture needs assembling you get to decide if you want to install the room divider or not as well as the legs.  One of our customers who had a disabled kitty left the legs off to make it easier for her beloved furball to get in and out.  Another who had a LARGE cat left out the divider so he'd have more room inside.  Nice to know you have options :)

Whimsical Yet Discreet Litter Box Furniture

This is the Etna Cat Kitty Litter Hide Away End Table.  It is very economical because it's designed to be placed right on top of your current litter box.  And you can use it as an end table, a night stand or an accent table making it very versatile.  It fits a litter box up to 14.5 inches by 14.5 inches.  We think this litter box furniture will be a real conversation starter for you as well as something your cats will love.

Discreet Wicker Litter Box Furniture

This adorable piece of litter box furniture is made from what is called "Rhino Wicker".  It's made for indoor outdoor furniture.  That means it is waterproof, washable with soap and water and won't absorb liquids or odors.   What you can't see in this photo is that the front panel opens and the litter box itself slides out for super easy cleaning.  It has not skid feet to protect your flooring and the floor of the unit contains any litter your kitty might accidentally scatter while using the box.

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We love the idea of "hiding" your litter box in plain sight and hope that, by now, you do too!  Just because you have a cat doesn't mean you must have disgusting cat stuff being an eye sore in your home.  Discreet litter box furniture is a real boon when your space is limited.  And let's face it, it's just plain fun to have something so cool and "stealthy".

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