Cat Trees... Carpet Covered Works Of Art?

Seriously, cat trees are carpet covered works of art if done right.   And the carpet covered cat towers usually are the most well-made and the sturdiest of all the cat furniture out there.  Let's face it we use carpet for these because it's very durable, comes in a bajillion different colors and textures and is still a fabric so it can be wrapped around stuff like posts, platforms and tubes.

This lets true artists have free reign and create some truly stunning art for your kitty to zip around on.  Your cats will enjoy it for years and years while YOU get to have a stunning conversation piece in your home.  Just take a look at these…

Cat Trees Carpet Covered... 

New Cat Condos Premier Designer Cat Pagoda

Carpeted Cat Tree Pagoda
We love the fancy "Pagoda" top on this carpet covered cat tree.  It really has all the bells and whistles featuring a carpet covered ladder, sisal scratching posts and a covered hiddy-hole for your kitties to enjoy.  It's made out of solid wood and covered in premium household grade carpet.  It should also be mentioned that the sisel is not oiled so you won't have any worries on that score.  Your cats can scratch to their hearts content in safety.  And it's made right here in the USA.

Molly and Friends "Whisker's Way" Premium Handmade 4-Tier Cat Tree with Sisal

"Whisker's Way" Premium Handmade Cat Tree
Hands down the most unique cat tree we've seen in a long time and especially at this price point!  This stunner is made of VERY durable materials and comes fully assembled, too!  Yep, you won't have to go borrowing a truck and begging your friends to help you get your new cat tree home and into the house.  Easily comparable to cat furniture that costs twice as much.  We don't know how they do it but we're just glad they do.

Great for multiple cats or large cats one of our customers tells us that her four cats play on this at the same time without any swaying much less tipping over.  We think that says it all.  Well, almost all... Did we mention the FREE SHIPPING?

Carpeted Large Cat Tree Pagoda House With Wood Posts

Carpeted Large Cat Tree Pagoda
Don't you just love the sleek pagoda condo on the top of this stunning cat tree?  It sets this beauty apart from the crowd but at a bargain basement price anyone can afford.  Two carpeted posts, two sleek wooden posts and a sisal wrapped ramp-like scratching post round out the features on this cat tree.

And guess what you get to pick from five different carpet colors.  There's beige, brown blue, gray and green.  And to top it all off...   It comes fully assembled!

Carpet Cat Tree Condo for Large Cats

Carpet Cat Tree Condo for Large Cats
This beautiful carped covered cat tree comes with 4 carpet and 2 sisal covered posts for your cats to scratch to their hearts content.  It's very tall clocking in at a whopping 71 inches!  This gives your kitties lots of climbing room because you know how they love to be "up high".

Even though it's tall, this cat tree is stable enough for multiple cats to use at once.  Just check out Tabby and Mr. Whiskers hangin in out on their awesometastic new play gym!  Though this is pretty enough to be out in the middle of the room we don't actually recommend it.  Putting it up against a wall or in a corner will give you more piece of mind and you're cats will most likely like it better that way too.

Hand made in the USA using no toxic chemicals or glues.  It does require some easy assembly but comes with both written instructions and an instruction DVD to make it a breeze to put together even for frazzled Dad's on Christmas Eve!

Carpeted Cat Furniture Scratching Post for Large Cats

Carpeted Cat Furniture Scratching Post or Short Tree for Large Cats

This relatively short cat tree is excellent for under windows and other small places.  It is exceptionally sturdy and won't tip when the biggest cats romp around on it.  Because of it's low to the ground compact design it is also excellent for disabled or elderly kitties so you don't have to worry about them falling and injuring themselves.

This cat tree is made in the USA out of solid wood and ships fully assembled.  So it's ready to go right out of the box.  A nice perk for those of you, like me, who are a tad technically challenged or who just don't like or want to mess with assembly.

Even though it's a compact design this cat tree still has lots of different surfaces for your cats to explore, play and lounge around on.  Including a sisal scratching post that's built right in.  And even though you can't see it in these pictures the bottom of all the platforms and beds are carpeted too.  So you don't have to worry about any exposed wood making a mess or getting splinters in your cat's paws.

Carpeted Cat Tree That Looks Like A Tree For Large Cats

This delightful cat tree actually looks like a real tree!  It's made right here in the USA from solid wood, household grade carpet and unoiled sisal rope.  Some small assembly is required but we are assured it takes a mere 3-4 minutes to attach the top perch.  That's it!  This beautiful bit of cat furniture is rock solid so it can handle really LARGE CATS jumping on it without tipping over.  And best of all, shipping is FREE.

More Carpeted Cat Trees For You...

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So, we're sure you'll agree that there's nothing ordinary, boring or plain about this cat furniture. In fact these cat trees, carpet covered works of art, are so unique and sturdy they will grace your home for years to come.  They'll keep your cats happily entertained and serve as an excellent conversation starter for all the visitors to your home.

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