Cat Tree Plans In Space? Outta Control Cat Shelves!

Ok, so maybe the cat tree plans aren't actually interstellar.  But cat shelves sure as hell are out of this world!

Today I want to challenge you throw out all your preconceived notions about what cat furniture is supposed to look like.  Just break right out of the box imposed on you by what you see in the standard pet shop display.

Ok, got those old thoughts banished to the cobweb covered corners of your mind?  Good.  Now look up.  Yes really, look up at your ceiling and imagine it covered by the Disney Land of cat playgrounds.  Isn't that brilliant?  Are you excited yet?  I know, me too!

Colorful Cat Shelves And Stairs

This idea of putting your cat playground on the ceiling or at least the wall is revolutionary.  Think of the possibilities for folks living in tiny spaces with their kitties.  The cat tree itself is just the way your cat will ACCESS it's lofty kitty playground in the sky.  (Ok, ok, it's not the sky but your ceiling.  But can you blame me for waxing poetic about this?)

PRO TIP... Don't Recreate The Wheel!
Want to build your own dazzling pet furniture but are sick of so-called "plans" you find online that leave out essential bits because they "assume" you already know how to do? We have just what you need (including 150 woodworking lessons that'll have folks thinking you have Woodworking Super Powers! Check out this short video... RIGHT HERE!

Cat Shelves And Walkways

There is a kitty sunbathing area! | Community Post: A California Man Has Created A Cat's Dream Home:

Think about that. You get to give your kitty more pace to romp and play than even the largest most expensive cat condo.  And it won't take away any of your living space.

I mean come on, when was the last time you used your ceiling?

Personally, I don't know a single person who does more with their ceilings than hang lights and the occasional plant hook.  This is virgin territory folks.

Cat Shelves Around The House

Admittedly, this concept isn't for everyone.  But everyone will admit that this is a cool cat tree idea!  And for those of you who are open to making use of all that wasted space.  The skills you learn from your cat tree wood working instructions will make sure what you build is both solid and pretty.

Cat Shelves For Small Spaces

Now you don’t have to build it yourself.  The set up shown just above is available from a company in Germany called Goldtatze.   At the time of this writing it would cost you upwards of $2,000 plus shipping and do not know if they ship outside Europe (I don't read German).  But I do know that with a little patience and elbow grease I can make something like this (probably even better) for a TINY FRACTION OF THAT!

Wall Mounted Cat Shelves

Do you use the ceiling space in your hallway for anything?  Wouldn't your cats LOVE to have a walkway and maybe a hammock or sleeping box or basket up there?  I know our Lelu would ADORE this!  I think I'd put some carpet on the walls for them to climb straight up for access because they'd find that fun and it takes up no extra space. 

Cat Shelves And Bridges

For Those Intrepid Hearts

When we saw this cat snoozing on a "rope bridge" it shot to the top of our "Kitty To-Do List" and we knew we had to share it with you.  From the image it's obvious that the bridge is a cute addition to a cat wall or walkway that at least spans this wall of the room.  And it's obvious that the effort these "Crazy Cat Folks"expended on making this unique cat bed payed off in spades.  I mean, just look at that zonked out kitty! 

Pin This For Later 
I sure hate it when I find something AWESOME and FORGET to pin the page for later!

Anyway, I thought at the very least you'd like to see this new take on cat furniture.  It doesn't take up your floor space and gives your kitties lots of cool places to explore, play and hang out.  And given how cool they are, even if you don't make them yourself, putting together a cat wall won't break the bank.  One reason is you can get the pieces a few at a time and always be expanding your collection of cat shelves.  So, was I right?  Are cat shelves that reach for the sky right for you and your cool cats?

♥ Cool Cat Stuff ♥ Build a cat gym on your celing with cat shelves. The cat tree is how the cats get up to it.

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